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Soprano singer | Music Educator | Vocal Coach 


I teach singers, performers and anyone who enjoys singing, how to free their voices and fulfill their fullest potential with an easy step by step holistic vocal training and coaching.

A classically-trained crossover singer, I have sung in productions of opera and musical theatre, as well as in concert with orchestras, all around the world.

Also a fan of pop music, I performed shows as part of a band, duo, and as a solo artist.

Sharing my experience and knowledge, developed over years of working with students, is my greatest passion, and I would love to share it with you. I hold a double master's degree in both Music Education and Vocal Performance and am also a certified success, life NLP coach, and hypnotherapist providing you with the best tools to reach your highest potential both on stage and off.

No matter your musical background, beginner or a pro

My method will take you to the next level!  

Where do we start?

I have a gift for you

Join my tribe and receive The Ultimate Beginner Singer’s Bundle 

That will help you gain the confidence and voice to start singing!

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Let's Dive Deeper... 


1-1 Vocal Journey

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1-1 Coaching Journey


Hypnotherapy Session


Online Courses

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“Working with Natalia has been the most life-changing decision I have ever made.” 

- Georgi, Singer-Songwriter, and DJ

current shows

VOCE NOVA is an exclusive musical experience that brings together the luxury of opera and the excitement of contemporary and classic pop music. Whether at a small event, a club, a large stadium, a concert stage, or a corporate event, VOCE NOVA will give your guests a dynamic, memorable performance that fits and enhances the occasion.

For more information: www.vocenova.com

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